The Power of Produce 2017 from FMI

The Power of Produce 2017 - Food Marketing Institute Survey

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The Power of Produce 2017

The Power of Produce 2017, a nationwide consumer survey conducted by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), “identifies the biggest trends in consumer purchasing and consumption of fruit and vegetables from planning the purchase, channel choice and preparation all the way through recommendations to improve shopping the produce department”. This survey involved participants ranging from 18 to 71+ years of age, with percentages representative of our nation’s demographics. Participants were asked a wide range of questions involving their perceptions of  shopping for and purchasing fresh produce.

This in-depth study is an incredible tool for you as a fresh produce merchant, outlining where our industry currently is positioned, and where future consumers may ask us to take it.


MERCHANDISING TIP OF THE WEEK. Here are some of the highlights of the information shared in FMI’s “The Power of Produce 2017— An In-depth Look at Produce Through the Shoppers’ Eyes”:


Overview: From the report: “The U.S. produce retail market is big, lucrative and driving growth for the perimeter. Dollars increased 3.3% and volume grew 2.6% over the 52 weeks ending March 19, 2017– driven by above-average Millennial baskets and robust increases in value-added, organic, and branded items. While many (supermarket) categories experienced trip contraction, fresh produce added trips in the past year.” 


Purchase Planning:

  • “Produce is a well-researched purchase with three-quarters listing out their produce needs pre-trip. This means produce can be a powerful platform to connect with shoppers outside of the store”.
  • Shoppers are shifting away from paper circulars in favor of in-store promotions and digital.
  • Impulse purchase of produce is very common, with the top drivers being “eye-catching displays, hot deals, sampling, recipe/ serving ideas and nutrition callouts.”
  • Out-of-stocks cause lost produce purchases for more than 40% of shoppers surveyed.


The Purchasing Decision:

  • “The eyes decide” as “appearance ranks far ahead of price and nutrition in the produce purchase decision".
  • “While 50% of shoppers classify themselves as creatures of habit when purchasing produce, 83% welcome ideas about unfamiliar and new items to expand their comfort zone to a wider range of products.”
  • “Strong desire is seen for expanded assortments in locally-grown, seasonal, organic, sustainably-grown and fair wage/living wage produce items.”


Growth Drivers:

  • “Organic produce continues to see double-digit dollar and volume growth. Given its popularity among Millennials, organic can be a traditional way to capture and retain more of their purchases.”
  • “Locally-grown produce continues to win with shoppers and is the favorite over organic among many consumers in a direct comparison. Shoppers’ reasoning for buying locally-sourced produce centers on supporting the local economy and a perceived better freshness.”
  • “Value-added produce and packaged salads continue to be strong growth drivers for produce.”
  • Brand influences about half of shoppers when buying fresh produce. Branded produce is seen as being safer to eat, being fresher, higher quality and more consistent purchase to purchase.”


Consumption and Nutrition:

  • “Consumers associate fresh produce with a balanced diet in general, but also with specific benefits including digestive health, heart health, healthy weight and having essential nutrients in the diet.”


Improving the Produce Department:

  • “Variety, price, better quality and sampling are the top four areas where shoppers see room for improvement."
  • “Consumers are seeking ways to more deeply connect with their food and food choices. Strong communication between retailers and their customers is a key ingredient to successfully drive sales and build loyalty.” Great info for all...Happy Selling! 





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